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Advanced in the telecommunications 2019

Advanced in the telecommunications 2019 / M. Yu. Ilchenko, S. O. Kravchuk, editors: monograph. – Kyiv: Institute of Gifted Child of NAPS of Ukraine, 2019. – 336 p. (ISBN ISBN  978-617-7734-12-2)

The monograph deals with science and technology issues of the state-of-the-art design of telecommunications systems (Electronic Communications Systems) for informatization in various areas and the creation of the society's information infrastructure. The authors presented key information on telecommunication systems, their basic properties and architectural components, classification, and trends. Consider the perspective systems from Space System to submarine-based, which determine the level of development of modern telecommunications infrastructure of the state. The book features the original research by the authors as well as overviews literature on current telecommunications developments.
The book should be of interest to telecommunications professionals, educators, doctoral and graduate students in the field of telecommunications.

Advances in Information and Communication Technologies

Processing and Control in Information and Communication Systems

Advances in Information and Communication Technologies

Processing and Control in Information and Communication Systems

Mykhailo Ilchenko, Leonid Uryvsky, Larysa Globa (Eds.)
Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering,
volume 560, 2019, Pages XIV, 299.

ISSN 1876-1100 ISSN 1876-1119 (electronic)
Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
ISBN 978-3-030-16769-1 ISBN 978-3-030-16770-7 (eBook)
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Telecommunication systems based on high-altitude air platforms (High Altitude Platform Station)

 Ilchenko M.E., Kravchuk S.A. Telecommunication systems based on high-altitude airplatforms. - Kyiv: Naukova Dumka, 2008. - 580 p. (High Altitude Platform Station)

This monograph presents a unified theory of High Altitude Platform Station (HAPS)-based telecommunications systems. The principles of HAPS design are explored, as well as multi-cellular coverage zones formation. The analysis of the possibility of HAPS-based systems of stationary and mobile services broadband access development is addressed. The book considers inter-platform communication lines, and HAPS interaction with other communications systems. The authors also discuss aero-platforms’ description and classification. The structure and composition of lower atmosphere layers (troposphere and stratosphere), height-dependent cloud, and precipitation formation are addressed. The theory of centimeter and millimeter waves attenuation in troposphere and stratosphere is suggested.
The book should be of interest to engineers, those in the fields of wireless communications, microwave technology, and aviation, Ph.D. candidates, under- and graduate students majoring in radio engineering and telecommunications.

Terahertz Telecommunication Systems

Кравчук С.О., Наритник Т.М. Телекомунікаційні системи терагерцового діапазону: монографія. - Житомир, 2015. - 208 с. ISBN 978-617-7265-09-1

The monograph presents a systematic form of the theoretical basis for the creation and implementation of telecommunication systems in the terahertz band. The features of terahertz waves, terahertz radiation sources, and devices of this range: antenna, detectors, mixers. The principles of construction and operation of wireless communication systems sub- and terahertz bands. Results of development in the receiving path sub teragerz band microwave fixed system and wireless broadband systems architectures supporting mobility. The influence of THz-radiation on biological objects and the application of terahertz in research. In the presentation of the material used in the original work of the authors, as well as information that reflects the current state of terahertz telecommunications. For professionals in the field of telecommunications and radio, teachers, researchers, and technical workers, graduate and undergraduate students of telecommunication and radio-engineering specializations.

Communication systems with moving/mobile objects

Системи зв’язку з рухомими об’єктами / С.О. Кравчук, О.Г. Голубничий, А.Г. Тараненко, В.Г. Потапов, О.П. Ткаліч: підручник. – К.: Спринт-Сервіс, 2012. – 452 с. ISBN 978-617-7029-04-8