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Description of the educational program "Engineering and programming of infocommunications"



The set of information and telecommunication systems / technologies, which in the process of processing and transmitting information act as a whole, is determined by the term of infocommunication.

Modern development of the field of infocommunication is characterized by an increase in its convergence of communication architecture with computer and information technologies and, as a consequence, an increasing amount of infocommunication systems by software. This tendency and the need to accelerate the processes of creating and implementing such tools indicates the need for training specialists who possess not only knowledge of the creation and operation of electronic communications, common general programming principles, but also knowledge of the implementation of specialized software for transfer, processing and storage of data .

The growth of demand for infocommunication services, the development of such systems and technologies requires continuous improvement of the appropriate means: from simple electronic devices - to complex hardware and software complexes that solve not only the problems of direct reception, transmission, processing and reproduction of information, as well as increased flexibility, productivity and reliability when creating a variety of programmable communications structures.

In line with the rapid growth in demand for infocommunication systems and services, there is an urgent need for training specialists who will have knowledge not only in developing, setting up, administering and improving the infocommunication infrastructure of operators / providers of communication services (especially mobile cellular systems 5G), television, data transmission (Internet services), as well as knowledge of infocommunication systems and technologies for the formation of software platforms, languages ​​and programming tools, specialized prog frame applications, protocols and technologies for processing and transmitting data with a given quality of service, as well as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, cloud technologies, IoT (Internet of Thinks) Internet and M2M / D2D interfacing systems.


The educational program "Engineering and Programming of Infocommunications" provides a fundamental theoretical and applied practical training and aims at mastering graduates of special knowledge on:

  • configuration and organization of computer networks, systems of network channeling and switching; creation and improvement of the architectures, services and technologies of infocommunication; management and administration by infocommunication networks;
  • information security, anti-hacker attacks, cyber security;
  • software engineering and software testing, programming languages (C / C ++, Java, Python, Goland, Ruby, etc.); databases, WEB-programming, business analysis;
  • programming of network applications and mobile devices, software-configured networks SDN, software-oriented infocommunication devices SDR, hardware and software systems and devices for infocommunication;
  • development of multimedia and virtual reality systems, cloud computing and GRID technologies, artificial intelligence, 5th generation cellular mobile systems (5G), IoT, M2M / D2D, satellite and inter-planetary communications.

The Bachelor level provides the graduates with the competences in relation to: theoretical and practical bases for the construction and management / administration of information and telecommunication systems and networks, and their hardware and software platforms; general and specialized programming, information security.

The Master's level provides expertise in the creation of hardware and software complexes for devices, systems, networks, the introduction of new infocommunication technologies in conjunction with modern innovative areas of cloud computing, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, IoT, 5G.

The educational-scientific level provides the acquisition of competences in the field of scientific research, which allows you to master the organization of scientific activity in the doctoral program, mathematical modeling of systems and processes, modern trends in the development of infocommunications, the art of building high-speed communications and hardware and software complexes of subsequent generations, the creation of innovation scientific start-ups.

 Fruitful cooperation with leading manufacturers of infocommunication equipment and developers of specialized software such as Alcatel-Lucent-a Nokia Corporation, Ericsson, EPAM, Huaway, Intel, Infopuls, GlobalLogic as well as mobile operators Kyivstar, Lifecell, Vodafone allows our graduates to be fully adapted for work in both mentioned companies and companies engaged in creation of infocomonics and support of their services, software and anti-hacker counteraction.

Scheme of disciplines for the educational program "Engineering and programming of infocommunications"

Educational program "Engineering and programming of infocommunications"