Admission to 1 course (external certificate)

We are happy to invite for a teaching everybody who wants to obtain high-quality knowledge, excellent qualification, and rapid career growth in Ukraine and abroad.
We are training students according to:
Field of knowledge – 17 Electronics and Telecommunications

Speciality 172 Telecommunications and Radio Engineering

Educational program: "Engineering and Programming of Infocommunications"

More details on the educational program can be found in

1) Information for admission on the Bachelor's Degree (for citizens of Ukraine)

If you just have finished school, already received a certificate of complete secondary education and passed the External Independent Testing, it is time to choose a future profession. You will enter the Bachelor’s Degree - this is the first level of higher education, which provides theoretical knowledge and practical skills sufficient to successfully perform professional duties in the chosen speciality. Your studies at the National   Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" will last 3 years 10 months. As a result, you will receive a diploma of higher education and the right to continue your education at the next level - a Master’s Degree.

External Independent Testing Certificates (EIT) for Admission in 2020:

  • Ukrainian language and literature

  • Mathematics

  • Physics or Foreign Language

Competitive subject and the weighting factor  factors

Speciality for admission to Bachelor

Educational Program

List of competitive subjects in EIE certificate

Weighting factors

Telecommunications and Radio Engineering

Engineering and Programming of Infocommunications Ukraine Language and Literature 0.23
Mathematics 0.5
Physics or Foreign Language 0.25

The weighting factor for the average score of the certificate is 0

The weighting factor for the additional point of the Pre-University Training System is 0.02 .

The minimum competition score is 125.

Maximum competition score is 200 .

In 2020, certificates of External Independent Evaluation of 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 are accepted (foreign language 2018, 2019 and 2020).

Dear entrants, the schedule and stages of the admission campaign for the 1st year in 2020 are posted on  page of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine  


More detailed information on the rules of admission and conditions of admission can be obtained at Admissions Information on Bachelor's Degree

2) Information for admission on the Bachelor's Degree (for foreign students)

Please, visit Igor Sikorsky KPI Center for International Education