Training of scientific and pedagogical personnel

Post-graduates and masters are trained in the field of knowledge:

17 Electronics and telecommunication

in specialty 172 Telecommunications and radio engineering

and in accordance with the Specialized Academic Council for the defense of doctoral and master's theses of the KPI them. I. Sikorsky D 26.002.14 for passports of the following scientific specialties:

05.12.02 - Telecommunication systems and networks;
05.12.13 - Radiotechnical devices and means of telecommunication;
December 5, 177 - Radio engineering and television systems;
05.12.07 - Antennas and devices of microwave technology;
in particular includes the following areas:

Management methods and evaluation of IP / MPLS, MetroEthernet, DWDM, etc. functioning of telecommunication networks functioning.

  • 5G cellular networks
  • Technologies of systems of inter-machine interaction of M2M and Internet resources
  • Telecommunication networks that are programmatically configured by SDN
  • Virtualization of network functions for mobile systems based on cloud infrastructure
  • Telecommunication systems of the millimeter and terahertz ranges
  • Principles of cooperative relaying and cognition in wireless telecommunication systems
  • Over-bandwidth pulse signals and their use in telecommunications
  • Wireless Touch Networks
  • Microwave devices of telecommunication systems


Graduate students of the department:

№ п/п First name Scientific supervisor, cipher and specialty name Subject of scientific research Year of the set
1 Romanyuk
Prof. D.Sc.
Lysenko OI
Telecommunication systems and networks
The method of intelligent management of wireless sensor networks with mobile sensors 2015
2 Ermakov
(correspondence form)
Prof. Ph.D.
Naritnik T. M.
Telecommunication systems and networks
Research of efficiency of using Wi-Fi technologies in distribution networks of the terahertz range 2015
3 Veres
Prof. D.Sc.
Romanov OI
Telecommunications and radio engineering
The method of dynamic flow control information 2017