Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

3rd level of higher education (Doctor of Philosophy (PhD))

Post-graduates and masters are trained in the field of knowledge:

17 Electronics and telecommunications

on the specialty: 172 Telecommunications and radio engineering and in accordance with the Specialized Academic Council for the protection of doctoral and master's theses, KPI them. I. Sikorsky D 26.002.14 for passports of the following scientific specialties:

  • 05.12.02 - Telecommunication systems and networks;
    05.12.13 - Radiotechnical devices and means of telecommunication;
    05.12.17 - Radio and television systems;
    05.12.07 - Antennas and devices of microwave technology;

in particular includes the following areas:

  • Management methods and evaluation of IP / MPLS, MetroEthernet, DWDM, etc. functioning of telecommunication networks functioning.
  • 5G cellular networks
  • Technologies of systems of inter-machine interaction of M2M and Internet-things
  • Software-Defined Radio Systems Using Model-Oriented Design
  • Telecommunication networks that are programmatically configured by SDN
  • Virtualization of network functions for mobile systems based on cloud infrastructure
  • Telecommunication systems of the millimeter and terahertz ranges
  • Principles of cooperative relaying and cognition in wireless telecommunication systems
  • Over-bandwidth pulse signals and their use in telecommunications
  • Wireless Touch Networks
  • Microwave devices of telecommunication systems


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