Regulations on the structural unit




The Department of Telecommunications (hereinafter - TC) is one of the structural subdivisions of the Institute of Telecommunication Systems (hereinafter - ITS) of the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute named after Igor Sikorsky", which conducts educational, methodological and scientific activity in the specialty (educational program ), which is accredited at the department

The chair is created provided that it consists of at least five scientific and pedagogical workers for whom the department is the main place of work, and not less than three of them have a degree or a scientist (honorary) rank. The decision to establish a department is taken by the Academic Council of the University. On the basis of this decision, the rector issues an order to establish a department.
The TC Department is part of the ITS. The staff of the department consists of scientific, scientific and pedagogical, engineering and technical workers, teaching auxiliary personnel, doctoral students, postgraduate students.
The staff depiction of the department is approved by the rector of the university on the recommendation of the Director of ITS.
In its activities, the TC Department is guided by the Constitution of Ukraine, laws and other normative legal acts of Ukraine, the Charter of the KPI them. Igor Sikorsky, Rules of the Internal Rules of the KPI to them. Igor Sikorsky and this Regulation.
Issues that are not reflected in the Regulations are resolved by the rector of the university, the management of the ITS or the head of the department according to the specific circumstances in accordance with the current legislation.
The position on the department is developed on the basis of a typical position of the university and approved by its rector.



Provision of educational process in accordance with educational standards for obtaining higher education students. Proceeding at a high level of educational activity, which ensures the acquisition of higher education of a corresponding degree in the chosen specialty (educational program).

Ensuring practical training of persons studying at the department, through their practice in enterprises, institutions and organizations in accordance with agreements concluded by the university or in its structural units providing practical training.

Conduct educational, scientific, innovative, international and other activities.

Ensuring the creative activity of participants in the educational process. Preservation and enhancement of moral, cultural, scientific values ​​and achievements of society.

Establishment of international relations in conducting international activities of the University in the field of education, science, sports, art and culture.

Provision of post-graduate students and doctoral students and specialists of innovative type:

  • formation of modern scientific personnel potential capable of providing development and introduction of innovative scientific developments;
  • increase of efficiency and quality of research and dissertation work of doctoral students, postgraduates and candidates of the department;
  • definition of the subjects of scientific research and dissertation work of doctoral students, post-graduate students and candidates of the department;
  • definition of directions and planning of further relevant scientific and practical research in the field of telecommunications;
  • providing communication of the results of the dissertation work of the doctoral students, postgraduates and applicants of the department with scientific programs, plans, themes of research and development work carried out by the scientific departments of the university or external organizations and institutions;

Development of textbooks, manuals and scientific works, methodical and other publications on the profile of the department's work and ensuring the academic presence of the department in the global Internet.
Organization of internship and advanced training of scientific-pedagogical and scientific workers of the department.
The activities of the department are carried out on the basis of the annual plan of the department, covering the directions and tasks specified in this Regulation. The work plan of the department is discussed and approved at its meeting.
The main tasks of the department are discussed at the meeting of the department. Decisions taken at the meeting of the department are mandatory for its employees. The sessions of the department are held at least once a month. The scientific-pedagogical and scientific workers of the department take part in the meeting of the department. The meeting of the department is considered competent, if attended by at least two thirds of scientific-pedagogical and scientific workers, for whom the department is the main place of work. The decisions of the department are taken by a simple majority of the members present at the chair. During the session of the department a protocol is signed, signed by the head of the department (his deputy) and the secretary of the department. Other persons may be invited to attend the meeting.



In the field of educational process:

  1. provision of training sessions, implementation of control activities in the disciplines of the department in accordance with the standards of higher education and the provision on the organization of educational process, curriculum and curriculum programs;
  2. submission of proposals to the Dean of the ITS regarding the formation of the schedule of training sessions;
  3. provision of practical training of students in the specialties of the department;
  4. organization of conclusion of contracts for practical training of students;
  5. preparation of students for participation in competitions;
  6. certification of students from the specialties of the department, ensuring the effective work of the relevant examination commissions;
  7. organization and conducting of entrance examinations and additional entrance examinations for the second level of higher education for obtaining a master's degree;
  8. appointment and organization of the work of curators of academic groups;
  9. Participation in entrance examinations to the third level of higher education for obtaining the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.


In the field of methodical activity:

  1. development of a sequence of studying disciplines (structural-logical schemes), training and work curricula from the specialties of the department;
  2. development of programs of educational disciplines of the department, programs of practical training;
  3. development of the subjects of individual tasks and attestation works for obtaining the corresponding degree of higher education;
  4. creation of textbooks, manuals, other educational and methodical publications on disciplines of the department;
  5. development of means of evaluation of students acquired in the process of learning the competencies of students and the criteria for such assessment, rating systems for assessing student knowledge;
  6. review and examination of educational and methodical publications on disciplines of the department;
  7. organization and conducting of methodological, scientific and methodical seminars of the department;
  8. providing guidance, reviewing, counseling certification work for obtaining a corresponding degree of higher education;
  9. development of educational (educational-professional and educational-scientific) programs;
  10. Participating in the development of ITS information packages.

In the field of scientific and innovative activity:

  1. provision of highly effective scientific and innovative activity of the department:
  2. conducting scientific and pedagogical workers, doctoral students, post-graduate students and students of the department and employees of the scientific subdivisions, which are part of the ITS, studies on the directions approved by the established order of development of science and technology, directions of innovation activity;
  3. organization of training of scientific personnel of the highest qualification in fundamental, natural and engineering areas with the involvement of leading scientists of the university and academic institutes for undergraduate and postgraduate students;
  4. Strengthening the research component in the curriculum for masters and involving them in the implementation of the GDR;
  5. Participation in the development of innovative structures on the basis of the university (science park, technopark, business incubators) according to the priority scientific directions of the department;
  6. realization of measures on the creation of objects of intellectual property rights and protection of intellectual property rights, as well as technology transfer, in particular through the innovation environment of the Science Park "Kyivska Politechnika", and the implementation of licensing agreements;
  7. implementation of international scientific projects and programs, grants, contracts for the orders of foreign organizations and companies;
  8. implementation of organizational and methodological measures to increase the citation of scientific works of the department's staff, increase the presence of their scientific publications in the journals and materials of conferences included in the international science-computer databases (Scopus, WebofScience, etc.).


In the field of organizational activity:

  1. providing suggestions on staffing and staffing;
  2. organization of quality control of conducting training sessions, practical training of students;
  3. Establishing and maintaining links with the structural units of the university and other organizations;
  4. promotion of the qualification of scientific and pedagogical workers of the department and employment of graduates;
  5. organization of activities for vocational guidance and involvement of persons for training in the educational program of the department;
  6. preparation of necessary documents for licensing and accreditation within the educational program of the department;
  7. organization of work on creation and support of the official site of the department (3-5 interesting materials per week targeted to the target audience) and the information and telecommunication system "Electronic Campus" in accordance with the Regulations on the typical site of the Department of the University;
  8. providing information about the results of the department;
  9. ensuring the participation of the staff of the department in the work of expert councils, commissions, groups of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, specialized academic councils;
  10. document circulation and ensuring the transfer of documents to archival storage;
  11. definition of the rating of scientific and pedagogical workers of the department;
  12. creation and support of information and communication resources in the domain zone kry.ii university.


In the field of international activity:

  1. Preparation (in cooperation with the JMS) of draft agreements on cooperation with units of foreign universities and the organization of their implementation;
  2. initiation, holding, formation of the program of international conferences at the department level, faculty, educational-scientific institute;
  3. preparation of project proposals for participation in international contests, programs, funds, grants;
  4. participation in international scientific researches and publication in international editions;
  5. delegation of employees for participation in international conferences, seminars, competitions, exhibitions;
  6. provision of training for foreign students;
  7. development of academic mobility through participation in international programs and projects;
  8. making suggestions on creating joint structures with foreign partners (laboratories, centers, research groups, editorial staff, consortia, etc.);
  9. provision of participation of department staff in international professional organizations;
  10. coverage of the results of the educational and scientific activities of the department in English.



  1. The management of the department carries out the head of the department, which can not be in office more than two terms.
  2. The head of the department must have a degree and / or a scientist (honorary) rank in accordance with the profile of the department.
  3. The head of the department is elected by competition by secret ballot by the Academic Council of the University for a term of five years, taking into account the proposals of the labor collective of the ITS and the department of TC. The rector of the university concludes the contract with the head of the department.
  4. The head of the department provides organization of educational process, implementation of curricula and programs of educational disciplines, carries out control over the quality of teaching of educational disciplines, teaching and methodological and scientific activities of teachers.
  5. The head of the department ensures the performance of the functions of the department and the execution of orders, orders and orders of the rector of the university, director of ITS, creation in the cyberspace (the global Internet) of a holistic positive image of the department as a unit of the university capable of competing in the international market of educational and scientific services.
  6. The head of the department is subordinated to the Director of ITS and operates on the basis of the job description and terms of the contract.
  7. In accordance with the Regulations on the scientific leader of the subdivision (institute, faculty, department), a scientific supervisor and a scientific consultant can be selected at the department.
  8. Financing of the department is carried out within the limits of ITS funds. Organizational support of the financial, economic and scientific activities of the department can be carried out through the relevant units at the ITS level.



  1. The cessation of the department's activities is carried out through its reorganization or liquidation.
  2. The activities of the department are terminated by the order of the rector in the order and on the terms provided by the Charter of the  Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and the current legislation of Ukraine, according to the decision of the Academic Council of the University.