Procedure of passing the practice:

On the eve of practice, the head of the department conducts instruction for students and issues:

  • - A completed diary (or travel document);
  • -work program for the group and for the manager of the practice from the enterprise;
  • -individual tasks in practice;
  • -Direction for accommodation in a hostel (as required).

Upon arriving at the enterprise, the student must give the head of the practice of the company a diary and a working program of practice, oznoyomitsya with the content of the individual task, to undergo training on occupational safety, to get acquainted with the workplace, rules of operation of equipment and clarify the plan for the practice.
During practice, the student must adhere to the rules of the internal rules of the enterprise. To leave the place of practice student can only with the permission of the head of the enterprise.
A practice report is prepared by a student in accordance with a program of practice and an individual task. The practice record is held on the last day of practice by the department's commission, which the student submits a fully completed diary and a report. The practice of students is assessed on a four-point system and is taken into account when applying for a scholarship.

The list of documents is required for passing the practice on the 4th year:


Practice program

Student work program


The list of documents is required for passing the practice on the 2nd year on the level of higher education "Master":

The program pre-diploma practice

Work program of pre-diploma practice

Diary of practice of TЗ

Diary of the practice of TM