Four teachers of the Department of Telecommunications in the finals of the Festival of Innovative Projects "Sikorsky Challenge 2021: Ukraine and the World"

Submitted by s.kravchuk on Sat, 08/14/2021 - 14:51

From 12 to 14 August in KPI. Igor Sikorsky hosted the jubilee X Festival of Innovative Projects "Sikorsky Challenge 2021: Ukraine and the World". This Festival is a unique opportunity to present to potential investors your scientific and technical project, interest them in further cooperation and commercialization of the project, to get acquainted with the latest achievements of various companies, research teams, institutes participating in the festival. This year, ITS teachers and scientists also took an active part in the work of the Festival, presenting two projects (startups) in the finals of Section №1 "Defense and Security":

1) Project 30130. Transmitting and receiving devices of the terahertz range for wireless info-communication systems (poster report, project team: Ph.D. Gleb Leonidovich Avdeenko, Ph.D. Teodor Nikolaevich Narytnyk);

2) Project №196. Low-orbit satellite system of the Internet of Things based on the architecture of a distributed satellite (report in pitch format, project manager: Academician of NASU, Ph.D., Prof. Ilchenko Mikhail Yukhimovich, speaker - Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. Kapshtyk Sergey Vladimirovich).

We thank the innovative Sikorsky Challenge platform for the opportunity to take part in the Festival and wish all the participants of the Festival success, fruitful work, inspiration, and good luck!